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5 Efficient Tips To Fight Your Flab At Work

Fitness is the last thing comes to our mind when we are bound in the 9-6 job. We forget about out fitness if we are chained to our office chairs and desks. Taking care of our health is very important as today’s ignorance can hurt your health severely in the long term. We easily get in the trap of bad office habits like having more junk food, no exercise, etc. All these are somewhere reason for the improper posture and flabby body.

Here, are some easy tips you can follow for fighting the flab at office -

Have a healthy lunch
Having white bread every day can add extra fat on your tummy that is hard to lose. Hence, have wholemeal or other healthy low-calorie food in lunch. You can have pasta, salads, fruits and juices for keeping tummy full without adding unwanted calories. For some refreshing dishes, you can Google and try out some tasty yet healthy dishes.

Use stairs instead of lift
To lose the excess fat, use stairs instead of lift in office. It is the best exercise to keep your body healthy and in shape. Moving up and down through stairs several times in a day will definitely help you in losing excess weight.

Say no to junk
Ordering or roaming in the canteen and having junk food with colleagues are becoming a very common activity in offices. Employees graze while sitting on their office desks and slowly it becomes their regular task. As a result, they carry sweets, biscuits and other unhealthy things of their office desks adding unwanted fat. Replace your snacks with raisins, nuts, fruits, etc. for grooming your health in a well to do manner.

Drink plenty of water and juices
Water can help in reducing your excess weight while working on your office desk. Water removes so many impurities and toxins from our body keeping us healthy, hydrated and active. So have fresh juices and water in place of caffeine, soda, and related drinks.

Use public transport instead of your car
If possible try to use public transport, cycle or walk to reach your office twice or thrice a week. This will help saving fuel, money as well as reduce your fat as you need to do more efforts while using public transport or walking.

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