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Tips To Identify The Original Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is the most identified and preferred sort of furniture that looks classy and perfect for a royal touch in the ambiance. These are costly than the other sort of furniture available in the market. To get the right value of your investment in the antique furniture, it is essential to identify the original antique furniture.

Some tips to recognize the genuine antique furniture pieces are -
Today common people are buying the antique furniture more that the antique collectors that shows the requirement of antique furniture. These furniture pieces are preferred and purchased for its function and beauty. Even a single antique furniture piece is having its own reality and elegance.

The first method to identify the antique is the joinery. In an earlier time the machine-cut furniture was not produced. The furniture piece should have hand cut dovetails.

Check the bottom, back and sides of the furniture carefully. If the wood is showing cuts and nicks these are made by the drawknife. Use of straight saw is the way to find the old piece.

Match the elements. Check the knobs, designs on the furniture piece. If there is a slight difference in the same design pieces, these are crafted before 1860’s.

Type of wood used in manufacturing is also helpful to know the antiqueness of the furniture. The finish of the wood can also be used to identify antique pieces.

With all these tips you can easily understand the difference between the antique and old furniture.

By selecting the antique furniture as your office furniture, you are getting something unique and classy for your premises. With antique furniture, you are giving special ambiance and space to your employees where they can work and enjoy their ambiance to work in a lavish space. Go online to the experts and get the best furniture pieces to groom your overall environment.

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